Foster Care in Chesire

Forget the ‘Housewives of Cheshire’ – for those who call Cheshire home, it is a county where the balance between home life and work is unmatched, and where the largely rural countryside has been designed to support the area’s main forms of production and manufacturing. Despite this, the countryside setting is not without its urban opportunities, with the integration of industry, town centres and cosmopolitan attractions meaning that there is something for everyone in Cheshire.

Home to around 1,059,000 individuals, Cheshire is a picturesque location which is within close proximity to Liverpool and Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire and Shropshire. It is also right on the border of Wales which adds the extra benefit of easy access to the neighbouring country – something which supports our work here at Olive Branch Fostering as we seek to find safe homes and sanctuary for children, teenagers, and young people from the surrounding area and beyond.

With the foster care system seeking surrogate parents and families who have the space and time to take in and care for children in need, Cheshire is an ideal location which combines accessibility with opportunity and more. Aside from providing a safe bed and support to foster children, being a foster carer also requires those in our network to work hard and inspire these young people to channel their energy into positive outlets. And what better place to do this than Cheshire – home to some fantastic schools and educational facilities, beautiful surroundings, a strong community presence, and infinite rural and urban opportunities.

Becoming a foster carer means taking on the role of surrogate parent, teacher, confidante, mentor, friend, private chef, driver, and so much more. But with every challenge and demand comes infinite levels of pride, as you watch each foster child grow and develop into their own person – excited for the future ahead.

Offering comprehensive training and support to each foster carer as they move from application through to their first placement and beyond, and with the Olive Branch Fostering network of carers providing emotional and physical support to each other every single day, when you become a foster carer, you become a part of our growing community. We care about the future of young people from within and outside of Cheshire and are looking for people like you to open your home and heart to help them.

If you live in Cheshire, have a spare room and the time to nurture and support a child or teenager through one of our fostering services, we want to hear from you.