Foster Care in Chester

A walled cathedral city which is packed full of history, Chester is known for a number of things – from housing the oldest racecourse in England, to having the largest Roman amphitheatre, to boasting some of the finest and best kept medieval drawings that British history has to offer. A city that’s rife with education and learning, Chester is notoriously inspirational – and if you aren’t a fan of history or don’t fancy shopping all day, Chester Zoo is the most visited attraction outside of London and houses thousands of animals who the public can learn about and interact with on a daily basis.

To live in Chester is to benefit from the mix of old and new – with the ancient city walls still protecting the city even with the industrial creation of railways, canals, roads, and new development. As such, Chester is popular with visitors who use the many transport links between the city and outer areas – with Chester located between Stafford and Liverpool, close to the Wales border.

Because of its proximity to so many major cities towards the north of England, and with the opportunities and facilities in Chester supporting families and residents of all ages – including dozens of well-regarded schools in the immediate area – Chester is somewhere where young people can thrive and where personal and professional development is on the horizon for individuals from all walks of life.

Whether you live, work, or spend large amounts of time in Chester, you will know that it is somewhat of a hub for people from all over the world – and here at Olive Branch Fostering we want to extend that community spirit to the children and young people who have been let down in life. By becoming a foster carer with Olive Branch Fostering, not only can you enrich your own life, but you can transform the life of a child or teenager coming from abuse, neglect, and abandonment.

Whether it’s a short term placement or a long term arrangement, and whether you take in a single child or a group of siblings, becoming a foster carer is a never-ending journey filled with experiences, highs and lows – all of which will be faced with the support of our team, the comprehensive training we offer, and the network of like minded carers beside you.

As a foster carer, you will benefit from our competitive pay package and will have the chance to become the inspiration behind a child’s decision to transform their own future. Could you open your home and your heart to a child who needs you?