Foster Care in East Riding of Yorkshire

Located close to the East coast of England, East Riding of Yorkshire – also known as East Riding or East Yorkshire – is a county with coastal towns and inland areas, creating a coveted rural setting which draws both residents and tourists all year round. Rolling hills, valleys, small villages, and larger towns make up the landscape of East Riding, while the largely agricultural and tourist industries which prop up the county create opportunities for those who want to stay in the area and turn passions into careers and opportunities.

In terms of its proximity to surrounding cities and major towns, East Riding is just one part of Yorkshire and so boasts easy access to the rest of Yorkshire including York and surrounding cities of Scarborough, Leeds, and Selby. One of the selling points of East Riding for families in particular is its rural setting bolstered by the proximity to towns and cities for commuters. Hull, which sits inside of East Riding, ia also home to the University of Hull – while the county in total has 141 primary schools and 28 secondary schools offering a rounded education to young people from every corner of the county.

To raise a child in East Riding is to recognise the immense value of a diverse setting, where the urbanisation of the main cities like Hull are toned down by the smaller villages, the community spirit, and of course the access to surrounding hillscapes and countryside settings. Culturally, East Riding offers a mix of historical experiences and viewpoints – or you can head further afield and be on the North York Moors in very little time.

Here at Olive Branch Fostering, East Riding of Yorkshire is a location with great connections to major cities while still benefitting from the peace and safety of a countryside destination. For children in foster care, this provides a unique opportunity to surround themselves with people who can help them to feel safe, without losing their access and freedom to explore the world as they grow up – with our team working to match foster children and teenagers with the right carers and families according to their individual situation and needs.

To become a foster carer and start the process of opening your home to a child or teenager in need, whether it’s a single night, a short term arrangement, or a long term placement, our team are on hand to advise and support you every step of the way. With a combination of training, access to our carer network, and of course the expertise of our team, we turn foster placements into family units – and troubled youths into happy, content young people.