Foster Care in Hull

Termed the ‘city of culture’ Hull is part of East Riding of Yorkshire and combines its sweeping coastline with the busy city centre and everything that comes with it. Popular with residents and tourists alike, Hull is a place where families benefit from all the opportunity and attractions that come from a major city, but without losing the chance to access peace and quiet quickly – something which is rife across the UK and makes life in England so highly coveted.

Hull is, compared to other cities in the North and Midlands, a small city which can be explored on foot, and which manages to retain its local community feel despite being recognised as a city. In addition to the coastline and selection of green spaces, Hull boasts affordable house prices and a high quality of life – all of which can help to inspire and shape the lives and futures of young people are they navigate their way through youth and into adulthood.

Unfortunately for many children and young people in the surrounding areas, trauma, neglect, and abuse can become part and parcel of their life – leading to a life within the foster care system. As a local network to the area and counties surrounding Hull, Olive Branch Fostering works with local authorities to take these children and teenagers and find the right homes for them – matching them with the foster carers who have the space and time to support them.

That’s where you come in. With Hull so well located for the cities across the North of England as well as the more rural and quieter areas, we are looking for more families and individuals to sign up and register as foster carers. If you have a spare room and the space in your home and heart for a children seeking love and support, then you are the perfect applicant.

While becoming a foster carer is a journey rife with challenges, the rewards and incredible memories are for life – with every one of our carers benefitting from the comprehensive training which empowers surrogate parents to take on new roles and help their placements to thrive. We offer a selection of services, from emergency foster carer to short term and longer term arrangements. We also offer special placement services to those with additional needs, always making sure that the foster carer is full prepped and trained before moving a child or teenager into their home.

The future of Hull and its surrounding areas lies in the potential of our young people. Could you help us to shape the lives of young people whose childhoods have been plagued with disappointment and mistrust?