Foster Care in Lancaster

A city and county town within the borders of Lancashire, Lancaster is considered a historic city with close-knit communities, one of the best universities in the North of England, and the diverse landscapes which pitch elegant traditional buildings against the rows of the more modern housing estates and the green countryside which sits around them.

As a location, Lancaster is known for its arts and cultural scene, with the Georgian buildings retaining their original features and over 600 businesses in the city dedicated to the arts and music. Because of this, for young people in particular Lancaster is a place of discovery and opportunity – with the local Lancaster University offering some of the best programs in the country for young people.

With Lancaster boasting a total of 65 educational facilities, ranging pre-school and reception up to secondary school, the chance for children and teenagers to immerse themselves in their local community is high – and it doesn’t end there. Because of its proximity to the M6 and the inclusion of a station on the popular West Coast Line, Lancaster is well connected to close by cities of Leeds and Liverpool and can also be accessed by Londoners with ease.

For those who call Lancaster home, the rich and diverse cultural landscape is buoyed by the footpaths, cycle paths, and green spaces which dot and intersperse the surrounding rural areas and towns. And while quiet and rural locations bring their limitations in activity, for those who are coming to Lancaster from the foster care system it is the safety that comes with such destinations which makes this city such a prime location.

Here at Olive Branch Fostering, our fostering process starts by reviewing the unique needs and requirements of each case, child, or teenager – looking at what they need in terms of support, whether they are seeking a single placement or one for siblings or a parent and child set-up, and whether they need to be specifically placed in a certain area. From there, it is all about finding the right home where each child can feel nurtured and loved – with our foster carers becoming everything from surrogate parents to teachers and so much more as they care for and inspire foster children to great things.

As a foster carer in Lancaster, the mix of outdoor and city life will enable a foster child or teenager to thrive – carving out their own life goals, dreams, and possibilities in the place that you call home.