Foster Care in Leeds

As a city, Leeds is up there as one of the best in terms of standard of living, the quality and diversity of experience and culture, and its access and proximity to surrounding countryside and different ways of life. One of the biggest selling points of Leeds for those who call the city home, is that Leeds is largely underrated in comparison to nearby Manchester and London down in the south – giving it an air of exclusivity combined with its history and mix of the old and new.

For families who live in Leeds, not only is the city full of things to do – it also boasts some of the top universities in the UK and is home to a diverse collection of students every year who keep the city fresh and exciting. And it’s not just higher education which comes into its own in Leeds. The city has a total of 268 primary schools and 72 secondary schools located within its boundary – offering education and opportunity to children and young people from all backgrounds and walks of life, whether they were born locally or moved into the area through circumstance.

And that’s exactly what our team at Olive Branch Fostering are here to do, working across the city of Leeds and beyond as we match children in need, from all backgrounds and with all manner of past traumas and experiences, to the families and placements that can support them.

Becoming a foster carer in Leeds means opening your home and extending a branch of opportunity to a young person who, in many cases, has experienced challenges that most of us can’t imagine. Whether for a single night of respite or as part of a longer term placement, when you become a foster carer, you agree to become a mentor, friend, confidante, and overall support system for a child or teenager who is lacking that kind of parental guidance in their life.

And what better place to inspire a child and show them exactly what they could become, than the city of Leeds – full of opportunity, vibrant lifestyles, and life changing experiences? For a foster child, the immense diversity of Leeds proves that anyone from anywhere can achieve anything – and that’s the kind of place that the foster children of Olive Branch Fostering deserve.

In 2021, there were over 57,000 children living with foster families in England alone – and that number is showing no signs of slowing. Every year we take on more foster cases and require more homes and families to offer these children safety and security. Could you become a foster carer and change the life and future of a young person in Leeds?


This is Kate and Harry’s story  

When Kate and Harry first applied to be foster carers, they felt like there were a number of obstacles in their way – including their age and lack of experience as parents. However, as they soon found out, Olive Branch Fostering is not only a foster care agency but a family of supporting staff and team members who are there to help every step of the way.

Following their initial application, the couple were invited to fostering skills training which gave them insight into the world of fostering and allowed them to start picturing their life as carers – though it wasn’t until their first placement finally arrived that they really become immersed in the joy and rewards of being a foster parent.

Despite their first placement only being short, taking in three little girls for a short three day placement, the memories they made are for life.

“So many happy memories will stay with us forever and it really affirmed to us we had made the best decision choosing to become foster carers and we cannot wait for the future.”