Foster Care in Liverpool

Home to the Beatles, to Anfield Stadium, and to one of the most recognisable skylines in the world, Liverpool is a destination where culture meets history and where the city’s finest accolades are celebrated across the centre of Liverpool and beyond. Liverpool residents are famously welcoming and as such, life in Liverpool boasts a mix of opportunity and community spirit – with the industrial backdrop and history of the area blended with its enviable green spaces and outdoor destinations.

With the cultural attractions and opportunities second to none, and 139 primary schools plus 61 secondary schools available to support and nurture children and young people of all ages, Liverpool is one of the top places in the UK to raise a family.

But unfortunately for some young people, experiencing the finest attractions, sights, and sounds in Liverpool is the least of their concerns.

When a child enters the foster care system in Liverpool, we often find that they bring with them challenges, triggers, and sometimes even the symptoms of a traumatic and abusive past. Whether we seek to place these children and young people with short term foster carers or long term foster or adopted parents, every child that comes to us deserves a chance to feel safe, welcome, and loved.

And that’s what our Olive Branch Fostering carers do.

Becoming a foster carer in Liverpool enables you to share your city with a child or teenager who may have never felt secure or at home before. Working with them to overcome past traumas and to start rebuilding a life where the future is full of opportunities when you join our family of foster carers you give young people from all walks of life a chance to see Liverpool as their home and embrace all it has to offer.

The variety of fostering situations and the ever changing timescales means that every case and every fostering journey is unique – however, when you partner with Olive Branch Fostering our social staff are with you every step of the way to help and guide you through the process. There are currently 57,380 children living with foster families in England (as of March 2021) and with the urgent need sitting at around 7,000 required families right now, we need people like you open your homes and your hearts to foster children, teenagers, siblings, and young people.


This is Kate and Harry’s story 

When Kate and Harry first applied to be foster carers, they felt like there were a number of obstacles in their way – including their age and lack of experience as parents. However, as they soon found out, Olive Branch Fostering is not only a foster care agency but a family of supporting staff and team members who are there to help every step of the way.

Following their initial application, the couple were invited to fostering skills training which gave them insight into the world of fostering and allowed them to start picturing their life as carers – though it wasn’t until their first placement finally arrived that they really become immersed in the joy and rewards of being a foster parent.

Despite their first placement only being short, taking in three little girls for a short three day placement, the memories they made are for life.

“So many happy memories will stay with us forever and it really affirmed to us we had made the best decision choosing to become foster carers and we cannot wait for the future.”