Foster Care in Sheffield

A vibrant and exciting city in South Yorkshire, Sheffield is the home of creativity – with its links to surrounding cities and its vast green spaces supporting the quality of life and the work life balance that modern day workers and families crave. For those with children, Sheffield boasts a total of 166 primary schools and 49 secondary schools, ensuring that every child, teenager, and young person has access to education which is local to them, and which allows them to socialise as well as learn and develop their skills.

In terms of its connection to the cities around its perimeter, Sheffield has always been closely connected with the industrial hub of England’s northern counties, and so its roads are well kept, and its railway lines offer quick and easy access to other areas. Despite this, Sheffield remains a largely green space and is home to an impressive 4.5 million trees in its 250 parks and woodlands dotted across the city. Giving parents somewhere to take children to play, an added benefit of this is the sustainable lesson in green environments – something which plays into the value of raising children with an eye to the future.

Of course, for so many children and teenagers today, their future is caught up in a past of hurt and neglect – and that’s where we come in. Here at Olive Branch Fostering, our vision is to extend a branch of love and support to every child in our operational areas who needs support, a safe place to call home, and a person to hug on the bad days.

With the foster care system in urgent need of around 7,000 more families in the UK alone, our work with foster carers and surrogate parents sees us match the young people, children, and teenagers who we meet with the homes that offer everything they need.

To become a foster carer, all you need is a spare room, an open home, and an open heart. While challenging on the tough days, with obstacles in your way from application through to placement and beyond, the rewards that come with being a foster care are unrivalled – and what better way to explore the future potential of a foster child than in a place where sustainability is wrapped up in historical prominence and natural beauty?

Sheffield is a place where vibrant city life meets the rural, hilly surroundings. Could your home be the next one that opens its doors to a child, teenager, or young group of siblings in need?