Foster Care in South Yorkshire

Arguably the most modern and technologically influenced of all the areas of Yorkshire, South Yorkshire has transformed from an industrial hub into a playground of culture and experience – offering an array of opportunities to those in all industries and from all walks of life. Encompassing Doncaster and Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham, South Yorkshire is a place where culture and history meets 21st century influences, creating the kind of place where young people are inspired to see and become more.

While schools are often smaller and classes within them are larger as a result, the education in South Yorkshire is one built on community – making it one of the best places to learn for those children who have previously been or felt isolated. The immersive nature of South Yorkshire and its towns and villages creates a welcoming atmosphere, while the creative economy means there is always something new to explore with the family.

And what better way to revel in the exciting juxtaposing experiences and attractions of South Yorkshire than in the company of a young person who, finding themselves in the foster care system, might not have previously had the chance to feel safe and welcome in a home environment?

In March 2021 there were 57,380 reported cases of children in England living with foster families. The need for new foster carers and homes is only continuing to grow, with young people entering the system for all reasons from trauma to rejection, abandonment, and more.

When you become a foster carer in South Yorkshire, you create opportunities for young people, children and teenagers to find a home with you – whether you are located in one of the metropolitan boroughs of the county or out in the countryside. Whatever your location and lifestyle, Olive Branch Fostering will work with you to ensure that foster placements are well suited to your family and home life – creating an experience which is built on overcoming challenges and furnished by rich rewards.

A foster carer is many things, with Olive Branch Fostering facilitating both short term and long term placements for young children, parents and children, teenagers, those with special needs and requirements, and respite care. Every placement is unique, and every foster family who opens their door to us become an integral part of our network.

If your home in South Yorkshire has a spare room and the space to house and support a young person from the surrounding area or further afield, then we would love to hear from you.


This is Kate and Harry’s story  

When Kate and Harry first applied to be foster carers, they felt like there were a number of obstacles in their way – including their age and lack of experience as parents. However, as they soon found out, Olive Branch Fostering is not only a foster care agency but a family of supporting staff and team members who are there to help every step of the way.

Following their initial application, the couple were invited to fostering skills training which gave them insight into the world of fostering and allowed them to start picturing their life as carers – though it wasn’t until their first placement finally arrived that they really become immersed in the joy and rewards of being a foster parent.

Despite their first placement only being short, taking in three little girls for a short three day placement, the memories they made are for life.

“So many happy memories will stay with us forever and it really affirmed to us we had made the best decision choosing to become foster carers and we cannot wait for the future.”