Foster care in Yorkshire

Picturesque, peaceful, and with one of the highest quality of life offerings in the UK, there is little wonder why people and families from all walks of life are choosing to live in Yorkshire. With its country lanes and commuter highways connecting the rural villages with bigger towns and cities, interspersed by great schools and expansive national parks and areas of beauty, Yorkshire offers the kind of existence that most young people dream about.

And becoming a foster carer is one of the best ways of enabling young people to not only experience the freedom of life in Yorkshire but to really find their home in the UK’s stunning countryside.

With a great quality of life for young people all the way into their adult years, Yorkshire is a place where opportunity meets lifestyle – with all manner of ways for people to make money, whether it be in the city and local towns, or through a rural business set up. Whatever their dreams and future goals, the children and teenagers of Yorkshire benefit from over 350 primary schools and just under 100 secondary schools across the county – all within a two hour train ride of London and with close proximity to the other northern cities of Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds.

When you start your journey to becoming a foster carer in Yorkshire, you become a part of the Olive Branch Fostering network – connecting surrogate parents and foster families with young people from all backgrounds and of all ages who need support and care. For so many of the young people who pass through the system, their past experiences with adults have included disappointment and abuse – and so you may find that your home is the first place where they have been allowed to feel safe, loved, and nurtured.

Whether they stay for one night, one month, or under a long term arrangement, we believe in pairing foster carers with the children and teenagers who they are best suited to help and support – from siblings to respite stays and more.

With over 57,000 children living with foster parents in England in March 2021, and with an urgent need for at least 7,000 more foster families needed right now, foster agencies like Olive Branch Fostering need families like yours to join our network and show young people across the county that we care.  

Becoming a foster parent is just the first step of a long and often challenging process – however, it is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Reach out to us today if you think that you could open your Yorkshire home to a child whose life could be transformed by a change of scenery and the support of a carer like you.


This is Kate and Harry’s story 

When Kate and Harry first applied to be foster carers, they felt like there were a number of obstacles in their way – including their age and lack of experience as parents. However, as they soon found out, Olive Branch Fostering is not only a foster care agency but a family of supporting staff and team members who are there to help every step of the way.

Following their initial application, the couple were invited to fostering skills training which gave them insight into the world of fostering and allowed them to start picturing their life as carers – though it wasn’t until their first placement finally arrived that they really become immersed in the joy and rewards of being a foster parent.

Despite their first placement only being short, taking in three little girls for a short three day placement, the memories they made are for life.

“So many happy memories will stay with us forever and it really affirmed to us we had made the best decision choosing to become foster carers and we cannot wait for the future.”