Museum of Science and Industry Trip

Museum of Science and Industry Trip
Museum of Science and Industry Trip

So this weekend our staff, carers and foster families enjoyed the day at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. The weather was beautiful and everyone had a super amazing time especially the children as they learnt all about science and industry in a fun and engaging way. They found out how steam trains worked with a live demo of a steam engine and saw fighter planes dating back to WW1.


But the highlight of the day had to be the Experiment room! Here you can stare into the mirror of infinity, create a tornado, and watch your own skeleton ride a bicycle. There was also 25 hands-on exhibits including mind boggling puzzles which we all had a go at but couldn’t crack them all! The children and families also found out how the power of gears can give even the weakest of weaklings super strength. We were mesmerised by bubbles passing through giant columns of coloured liquids to demonstrate viscosity, saw how many of the city’s homes can be lit by using household waste as power, and measured our reactions against the speed of light.


All in all it was a very memorable day and we’re looking forward to the next foster families day out with Olive Branch, I wonder where we’ll go next….


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