Foster Support & Training

Foster Support & Training

Here at Olive Branch, we understand how demanding being a foster parent can be. That is why we provide extensive training and continuous support to you and the foster child, before and after the fostering process.

We are a friendly and supportive team of professionals that truly care and understand the needs of both the foster carer and the foster child and our aim is to make sure that both the carer and the child receive the best out of the fostering process.

Our commitment to helping fostered children and carers is evident in our training and support.  


We understand that sometimes you are going to need help with your foster child. That is why at Olive Branch we offer 24/7 support with staff on call when you need them, so you are fully supported.

We also provide regularly scheduled visits by a social worker, regular support meetings and organised activities for the whole foster family.


At Olive Branch, we have a culture of continuous learning and development to help you continue to learn and share your own ideas as a foster carer.

We want our carers and staff to be the best they can be. That is why we invest in their continued learning and development. We know that our strength comes from our knowledge and experience and make it a priority to support our foster parents.

All of our foster parents and carers receive regular training leading up to and after the foster child is assigned. We also provide individualised, specialised training depending on the foster child’s needs.

Fostering Allowance

We know that being a foster parent can be very demanding at times, which is why we provide our carers with a generous fostering allowance. We believe this helps our foster parents provide the best care to their foster child possible.

As an Olive Branch foster carer you can expect to receive up to £405.00 per week, which is also tax-free.


When you choose to become a foster carer with Olive Branch you gain all of the benefits of a membership with Fostertalk, such as legal protection insurance, fostering advice, independent personal finance and 24-hour counselling.

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