The Importance of Education

The Importance of Education
The Importance of Education

Well it’s finally arrived, since the age of four I have been encouraging her, been firm with her and been the one who has insisted that she work hard at school and learn something new everyday. It started with a little tin of words when she was learning to read and now it’s quadratic equations! Her school bag has got bigger and heavier over the years as she has gone from year to year and now, this is it the last year and GCSE revision. How I am going to get through these next couple of months before she takes her GCSE’s no one knows, it’s going to be tough. We are all prepared and the revision has started. No one can touch the books spread out on the dining table, no one can have the television too loud as she beavers away on the computer, no one understands the stress she is under, no one knows how unfair her world is and no one can reassure her that everything will be just fine. Supporting your child during the exam season is hard, it’s a situation that evolves from their very first day at school, it’s the pinnacle of their school journey….but how do you get them through it. Patience, empathy, a shoulder to cry on are all handy skills to have but you can make it easier, you can be there to listen to them, to give them encouragement, to prepare their favourite meals and to celebrate in their success when the exam season ends. It’s just a moment in time, a moment in your parenting journey and like everything else revision and GCSE’s will be over with in the blink of an eye. When they are over your child will be leaving school, getting ready for their adult life be that employment, further education or apprenticeship, they will be making their own way in the world and you will be redundant!


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