UK Foster Families Needed for Refugee Children

UK Foster Families Needed for Refugee Children
UK Foster Families Needed for Refugee Children

There has been a rapid escalation in the number of children forced to flee from conflict, wars and persecution in countries such as Syria and Afghanistan. As a result they have been living in unhealthy, dangerous, unhygienic camps and have continued on in the hope of finding a better life. They have embarked on dangerous journeys jeopardising their lives, all in the hope of finding a home where they can be safe. They have been without their families to guide them, and isolation is a huge emotional and psychological part of their recent experience. Unaccompanied children are extremely vulnerable and more at risk of trafficking, child labour and sexual exploitation.

As you will have seen in the news, there are are over 6,000 unaccompanied asylum seeking children coming to the UK and there is a severe shortage of foster carer to look after them

These helpless children need a warm, safe, stable and nurturing home where they will have a family to take care of them, averting them from more suffering.

We’re looking for foster families to look after unaccompanied asylum seeking children. Fostering is a professional career which includes:

  • full training
  • ongoing support
  • generous fostering allowance

Please fill in the enquiry form below if you would like more information on fostering and we will be happy to talk you through fostering and answer any questions you may have.

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