What’s Olive Branch REALLY Like?

What’s Olive Branch REALLY Like?
What’s Olive Branch REALLY Like?

My time at Olive Branch has been fabulous! It has been more than I could ever have asked for. Throughout I have always been treated as part of the team and included in every aspect of the agency. Through my role as a student social worker I have had the chance to undertake all aspects of a supervising social worker role, and this alongside supervision has contributed to my learning and development massively.

What memory will stand out to me most… well what can I say there are many! The opportunity to be involved in such a new evolving and fresh agency, working with such wonderful individuals, the chance to meet the wonderful people of Rainbow house during our charity bake off, and let’s not forget…. taking my first foster carer to Panel and achieving their approval! That for me was just out of this world and through this placement I have achieved more than I ever thought I would.

If I was going to give you some advice, it would be to ensure that you utilise supervision and you always seek advice and support of your colleagues, the colleagues within this team have been vital to my development and without them I would not have the confidence and self-belief that I do now and this I thank them for.

Finally, I would just like to say to anyone else that is thinking Olive Branch, you won’t just be becoming part of an agency you will be become part of the family, Olive Branch has so much love and this shines through everything that they do. I will be eternally grateful for the learning opportunities and the support that I have been given during my time at Olive Branch, I will be sad to leave but Olive Branch will be forever in my heart #TeamOliveBranch.



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