Why is the British Army working with Olive Branch?

Why is the British Army working with Olive Branch?
Why is the British Army working with Olive Branch?

Well, good question. Olive Branch announced their new partnership recently and many people are probably wondering how a fostering agency and the Army can work together.

“This is the first partnership of its kind and we are very excited to be working with British Army personnel and veterans.”  – Ziafat Ali

The whole campaign is focussed around raising awareness amongst military personnel and veterans about the opportunities to foster a child. Statistics show a high rate of unemployment in Army Veterans once they have completed their service. This is due to many reasons according to rand.org which says skills mismatch for the corporate world, not having any civil work experience, employer discrimination or poor health are the main reasons for unemployment.

Ziafat Ali, Chief Executive at Olive Branch Fostering says “Army veterans are perfectly skilled to make brilliant foster carers. Fostering is about providing a safe and loving home to a looked after child, the perfect foster carer should be able to provide empathy and care while also being disciplined in approach and emotionally resilient. The British Army spend thousands of pounds in training Army personnel and it’s a shame to see them fall in to unemployment post service. Skills taught in the Army such as discipline, physical activity, first aid, emotional resilience, problem solving and working under pressure are all valuable in helping a foster child settle and progress in care.”

Every year over 20,000 personnel leave the regular armed forces which includes the Army, Royal Navy and RAF.

Ziafat also said “Furthermore, there is a national shortage of over 9,000 foster carers in the UK. We want to bridge this gap by introducing fostering as an option to veterans after service.”

Olive Branch will be working closely with the British Army and support organisations to help recruit suitable foster carers from the veteran community. For more information please visit: http://www.cmves.org.uk/news/cmves-and-olive-branch-fostering-partner-up-to-promote-a-career-as-a-foster-carer/ or email your enquiry to army@olivebranchfostering.co.uk

If you would like to support this project, then please do share this article with friends and family.

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