Foster carer pay, allowance and benefits

Information on foster carer allowance and benefits

How much does fostering pay?

Here at Olive Branch, we understand that fostering can be pretty demanding at times and is a full-time commitment; that’s why we pay our foster carers a generous fostering allowance that helps to support the foster child and acts as a reward for the carer, so they can focus on giving their foster child the best possible care.

How are allowances calculated?

Our fortnightly allowance payments will vary depending on the needs and age of the child, as well as the number of children you care for and the type of fostering

The role of a foster carer is the most rewarding job you will ever do, and we will ensure that you are fully supported during your journey as a foster carer. 

The fostering allowance is designed to help cover the costs of looking after a young person, such as household bills, clothing, and other necessary expenses. Additionally, it serves to acknowledge and compensate foster carers for their efforts in creating a safe, secure, and supportive environment for the child. 

We show appreciation for our carers by providing them with an annual allowance increase. This increase is permanent, providing our carers with a sense of financial security and comfort. 

Benefits when fostering with us

We appreciate our foster carers at Olive Branch Fostering and provide a complete set of benefits as part of our package. You'll join a close community of like-minded carers who feel valued from day one, and everyone feels welcomed and immediately becomes part of the Olive Branch fostering family.

Group 1830

Our carer-led initiatives include regular support groups and activities for all carers

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Family outings and social events for all

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We are recognised as being one of the most diverse agency in the Northwest

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You’ll never stop learning! We continually invest in your development, providing you new skills

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Our training and support for carers include 24/7 access to our social workers 365 days of the year

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Cost of living support, and petrol allowances

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Exclusive access to a rewards platform with thousands of high-street discounts

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Free membership to FosterTalk.

Our Director, Joanne Sharples says...

''Our carers value the fact that Olive Branch is a family, they'll ring and no matter who answers the phone, they know who the person is''

What are the roles and responsibilities of foster parents

Common Questions

Yes! Many mortgage lenders allow you to use all of your fostering income, and there are even some specialist mortgage lenders/products specifically for foster carers.

Having debt would not automatically preclude you from fostering. Everyone’s circumstances are different so this would be discussed during the fostering assessment and approval process. If you would like to foster but are worried your debt may affect your eligibility, don’t let this put you off. You are welcome to contact us for a fully confidential and informal discussion to get more information.

Yes, living in affordable housing will not prohibit you from applying to foster. 

Generally, the foster allowance is paid based on the number of individual children or young people you are caring for. 

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