Long-term fostering offers children security, continuity, commitment, identity and belonging, helping them grow up with a brighter future. 

Whilst a common goal of foster care is for the young person to eventually return to live with their birth parents, sometimes this is not possible. Finding the best possible home and caregiver for the child is what matters most.  

Long-term fostering is different from adoption because the child is still under the local authority’s care and might still have contact with their birth family if it is safe. While the local authority keeps parental responsibility, the foster carer can make decisions for the child if all parties agree. 

The young person integrates into your way of life and feels welcomed in a safe place they can call home. One of our foster carers, Laura, took on 3 siblings as an emergency placement which ended up being long-term, as it was decided that was best for everyone involved.

“Taking on three children long-term is a massive commitment, but it is comforting to know that such a good community is behind us. Having the agency with us every step of the way makes things feel less daunting. We know we can call on Olive Branch for anything we need.” Laura, an Olive Branch Foster Carer.


Benefits of Long-term Fostering

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