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Here at Olive Branch, we strongly believe in making a positive social impact. These beliefs are deeply rooted within our organisation to make a difference in children's and young people's lives and our fostering families. Our commitment to helping children and young people looked-after in our communities is at the centre of everything we do. It is because of this child-centred approach we do our best to support our foster carers to look after the children in our care

If you're thinking of fostering, you're probably looking at which fostering provider or local council to work with. It's a big decision that needs to be right for you. 

Here at Olive Branch, we are a friendly and supportive team of professionals that truly understand the needs of children and foster carers. As a result, everyone feels welcome and is immediately part of the Olive Branch family.

Our commitment to helping fostered children in our communities is at the heart of everything we do. Because of this child-centred approach, we do our best to support our foster carers. After all, happy carers mean happy children!


At Olive Branch, we really do believe:

we never stop learning because life never stops teaching

Because of this, we have created a culture of continuous learning and development where we learn from each other, share ideas and grow together as a better, smarter agency. 

We want our staff team and carers to be the best at what they do. So we invest in their learning and want them to develop with the agency. We know that the strength of our team is in their knowledge and experience, and we do our best to support our carer's learning needs and always take great pride in our foster carers' achievements. 

Our foster carers receive regular training to keep them abreast of the current regulations and statutory requirements. We also deliver specifically tailored training to meet the needs of children and foster carers, which may be in an area specific to the placement and done on a one-to-one basis. 

Allowance and fees

Independent fostering agencies and local authorities pay foster carers a fostering allowance which covers things like food, clothing, pocket money, transportation and other household expenses.  

Here at Olive Branch, we understand that fostering can sometimes be demanding and is a full-time commitment. That's why we pay our foster carers a generous fostering allowance that helps to support the child and acts as a reward for the carer, so they can focus on giving their foster child the best possible care. 

Our fortnightly allowance payments will vary depending on the needs and age of the child, as well as the number of children you care for. 

Supporting foster carers

The role of a foster carer is the most rewarding job you will ever do, and we will ensure that you are fully supported during your journey as a foster carer. We do everything we can for our foster carers and children. That's why we offer the following...

Fostering UK

An on-call social worker 24/7, 365 days a year, for any issues outside of office hours.

Why Foster

A dedicated social worker who will visit at least once a month and always on hand via phone or email

Fostering UK

Direct access to the senior management team, who are always happy to hear from foster carers.

Fostering UK

Regular fostering forums quarterly, where all our carers come together for training and discussions.

Why Foster

A child social care advocate who works directly with birth and foster children to support you

Fostering UK

The entire Olive Branch team will look after you in ALL situations.

Supporting children and young people

The best interests of the child will always remain at the forefront of our provision and service delivery, ensuring safeguarding and individuality. Development of the child conforms to Every Child Matters criterion, and this is evidenced routinely between the foster carer and the child/young person. We offer the following support to children in our care:

Group 1829 1

Educational support

Group 1829

Support visits with a supervising social worker

Group 1834

Life Story/memory books

Group 1829 1

Record keeping and advancement monitoring

Group 1829

School trips and days out

Group 1834

Children’s form to discuss their placement and foster care in general

Group 1829 1

Activities outside of school, e.g., classes to learn new skills

Group 1829

Annual achievement awards recognising each child individually for their achievements in the year

Group 1834

Savings scheme- £10 per week while they are placed with us

Group 1829 1

Supervised contact when commissioned by the placing authority, and a dedicated support worker.

We care for our carers

Olive Branch Fostering values its foster carers and offers a wide range of benefits as part of our package when you choose to foster with us.

Allowance and benefits
What are the roles and responsibilities of foster parents

Common Questions

Once approved as a foster carer, you will be allocated a supervising social worker. They will visit you once a fortnight to discuss your foster child’s progress. In addition to this, members of our team are available for you to speak with at any time, day or night, 365 days a year. There are also regular local foster carer support meetings; a chance for you to meet up with our other foster carers in your area 

There are lots! Once approved as a foster carer, there are many opportunities to learn more about keeping children safe, managing behaviour, developing self-esteem in children, first aid, and many, many, more! 

We cover all of the North West of England. View all of our offices here. 

You will have an initial phone call with one of our team for advice and information. If and when you are ready you will have a dedicated assessor who will visit and support you throughout the process. Various checks including the referee, medical and a DBS will be completed and you are required to attend a ‘Skills to Foster’ training course. The assessment process normally takes between 4-6 months.

Could you open your heart and home to a child who needs a fresh start and a safe space to call home?

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