Fostering Siblings

Keeping siblings together

More than 12,000 children in care are living without at least one of their siblings. Going into foster care can be traumatic for a child, and being separated from their siblings can worsen this. This is why we aim to keep brothers and sisters together whenever it is in the child’s best interest to do so.  

Sibling placements are beneficial for several reasons, including stability and continuity for the child. Siblings often find it easier to settle into their foster carer’s home, because they have the feeling of familiarity. Staying with a sibling, who has shared experiences and memories, will contribute to a sense of normalcy in an otherwise changing environment. 

Siblings also play a crucial role in shaping a young person’s identity, so staying together allows them to maintain the connection with their shared history and family background. This contributes to the child’s sense of security and belonging.  

"Patience is a very important skill. When the children first came to us, they had no boundaries or routines. There was a lot of going back to basics, like teaching the children how to brush their teeth properly and giving them a set bedtime." Laura, a foster carer from Olive Branch Fostering. 

Fostering siblings does come with its own unique set of challenges, for example needing more time and space in your home and attending more appointments and meetings, but you will always have support from the Olive Branch team with any issues you may face. 

From Teaching to Foster Care: Fostering Insights From Laura

If you are interested in finding out more about fostering siblings, read this blog from Laura, one of our carers who has been fostering siblings for 4 years. 

Laura's blog

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