Emergency fostering provides immediate, short-term placement for young people who require urgent removal from their homes. This could be because they are facing situations such as abuse, neglect or unsafe living conditions and the goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the child. This placement could be for one night, a couple of days or sometimes longer, but is always pivotal in providing a safe and secure place for a child to stay at short notice. 

Emergency fostering requires a lot of flexibility because if something unexpected happens, a child can be placed in your care at any time without any notice. Emergency foster carers will often be contacted without warning; therefore, they must be able to adapt in the face of difficult situations and be willing to be on call at all times. 

Olive Branch Fostering’s emergency placement service operates 24/7, with an expert always on hand to help administer the transfer between the Local Authority and our foster carer.  

What is Emergency Foster Care?

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What is Emergency Foster Care?

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