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A Message from Founder and Agency Director Joanne

Joanne (Facebook Post)

A Message from Founder and Agency Director Joanne

Hello to all our lovely families,

It doesn’t seem 2 minutes ago since I was sat with a laptop on my own in Manchester putting Olive Branch together! I remember it well - just little old me answering a phone, doing initial visits, assessment, social working, placements, training, out of hours and teaching the social workers who joined the agency one by one.

I often look back and think how blessed I was to work with all of you and to train new social workers developing them into future practitioners within social care.

How time moves on, for some they have gone onto different things, for others the same thing, and for some they have moved up within the world of social work. Would I change any of it…..absolutely not, I have been here from the beginning and will be here until I end my career.

When Olive Branch started, one of the things I promised myself was that I would not allow any compromise when it came to our children, young people, and our families. I have always been a great advocate for others and will always continue to be. I often sit and think could I do anything else? The simple answer is, I give my working week to Olive Branch, our families have given their home and 24 hours a day 365 days a year to look after those children who need a loving family.

Why would I want to do anything else except support and champion those who invest so much and that do all the work!

For some foster carers, you have ventured upon this journey with me, and I thank you so much for that. When I see you, it makes me realise where we have come from and value where we are today. There is certainly no I in team, no problems only solutions, and no other place I would want to work.

Yes staff leave, foster carers retire, but the core of Olive Branch remains and continues to grow. Change is such an amazing thing, it develops and grows individuals, families, and communities.

So here’s to another year, one within which we will see excitement, growth, development and opportunities, but most importantly, celebrate our achievements and our continued commitment to our children and young people.

We have many exciting things coming up in 2024 - to name but a few;

  • We’re linking up with The Duke of Edinburgh scheme;

  • We will be looking for volunteers to become a leader (training will be provided: let your SSW know if you are interested)

  • We’re joining forces with Yaran to deliver a monthly diversity group for our young people.

  • We’re further developing “Our Futures” – a career counselling service for our children and young people.

  • Who’s Who & What Do We Do Booklets introducing the entire Olive Branch Family

  • Neuro Diversity Workshops and much more!

With best wishes,





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Date published

14 March 2024

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