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Foster Care Fortnight 2024 – what’s it all about?

Foster Care Fortnight

Foster Care Fortnight™ is The Fostering Network’s annual awareness campaign that raises the profile of fostering and the life-changing impact foster carers have on young people’s lives. This year’s campaign will run from 13 to 26 May, and the theme is #FosteringMoments. 

What’s Foster Care Fortnight all about?

Every child deserves to thrive in a nurturing environment. Foster Care Fortnight is an important reminder of this mission and emphasises what we can do to support it. 

The campaign began over two decades ago, offering a platform to address challenges and highlight the achievements of the fostering community. It has since grown into the UK’s largest foster care awareness campaign, spotlighting a new theme each year. 

Thousands of vulnerable young people – particularly older children, siblings, disabled children and asylum-seeking children – urgently need stable and supportive homes. By getting involved and sharing our fostering experiences, we can help inspire more individuals and families to consider opening their hearts and homes to a foster child. 

Sharing your #FosteringMoments 

In light of this year’s theme, #FosteringMoments, let’s take a look at some special memories shared by our incredible community of foster carers – James, Atiq, and Saba:

“The previous boy we looked after presented quite challenging behaviour. He was very guarded and rarely showed affection. On his last day with us, he left a note saying he loved us. Seeing a boundary come down is really rewarding. Knowing you’ve made a difference in their lives and seeing them happy means a lot.”


“The young girl was reluctant to talk to and bond with me. Perhaps due to previous traumas, she was very wary of men, but then she gave me a big hug, and the barriers broke down.”


As Foster Care Fortnight approaches, why not join us in supporting this important campaign?

If you’re a foster carer, you can show your support by sharing your favourite fostering moments on social media using the hashtags #FosteringMoments and #FCF24. And if you’re considering fostering, you can follow the same hashtags to read more real-life experiences from foster carers around the UK.

24/7 foster carer support

At Olive Branch Fostering, we prioritise the well-being of our carers and the children in their care. We’re here to help foster carers, or families interested in fostering, every step of the way. 

We offer training, advice and 24/7 support – whether you have a pressing concern, a quick question, or simply need a listening ear, our on-call social worker is here for you.


If you’d like to find out more about fostering in the North West and how you can become a vital source of stability and support for a child in need, get in touch with our friendly fostering advisors today.




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13 May 2024

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