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From Foster Care to Guiding Star

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Recently one of our young people in foster care was awarded the Achievement in Guiding Award.


After attending the splendid awards evening, we sat down with her for a quick chat to find out more about this fantastic achievement.


Congrats on your award! What did you have to do to get the Achievement in Guiding Cup?


To achieve the Guide award I had to be the perfect example of a Guide that included being polite, kind, and helpful to everyone and uphold the Guide promise and laws.


A picture of the award won by our young person in foster care

How long have you been a Girl Guide for, and what is the best part about being a Girl Guide?


I have been in Guides for about three years now.

My favourite moment from Guides is definitely when we went on Guide camp. This is because it was so much fun spending time with my friends and we all had a great time.


“Step out of your comfort zone because you never know what that could lead to.”


What have you learnt from being a girl guide, any cool skills and tips you would like to pass on to us?


Over the last three years, I have learnt a lot, like how to put a tent up or simply how to communicate with people.


Do you have any advice for anyone if they are interested in joining a club like the Guides, but are a bit nervous about starting?


My advice to people who want to join a club like Guides, but are too nervous, is that everyone there would have felt the same way as you when they first started. Step out of your comfort zone because you never know what that could lead to.


For more information about foster care in the North West, check out our Can I Foster page, and to speak to one of our team, please visit Olive Branch Fostering or call 01706 558910.


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Date published

18 June 2024

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