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Olive Branch Fostering Celebrates Diversity Day

Diversity Day Cover Photo

This Saturday, Olive Branch Fostering, hosted a Diversity Day for our foster families.  

The event was an overwhelming success, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to celebrate the richness of global cultures. 

The Olive Branch Rainbow Room, with a ceiling of balloons styled to look like a rainbow

The highlight of the day was undoubtedly our stunning Rainbow Room, a display expressing the spirit of inclusion and unity.  

This visual spectacle was just the beginning of a day designed to foster a sense of belonging and community among the foster families. 

Food and drink were major attractions, with everyone enjoying a gastronomic journey around the world. Multicoloured mocktails added to the festive atmosphere, and a dedicated coffee station kept everyone energised during the day. 

The Olive Branch Foster Care team on their mocktail stand

The event was more than just a celebration of food and drink of course; it was an inspiring educational journey, with the opportunity to explore and learn about different countries, religions, and cultures.  

Music and entertainment topped off a fabulous day. A Caribbean DJ set the tone before the sounds of the Caribbean were followed by an enchanting performance from the choir, whose harmonious voices added a magical touch to the event. 

The Punjabi Drummers and Dancers performing at the Olive Branch Foster Care Diversity Day

As the choir's final notes faded, everyone created an outdoor dance floor where Punjabi drummers and dancers took over. The vibrant drumming and dancing created an electrifying atmosphere that perfectly encapsulated the joy and unity of the day. 

Our Diversity Day was not just an event, but a heartfelt celebration. It was a day of laughter, learning, and unity, reflecting our commitment to inspire an inclusive and supportive environment for all of our foster families. 

For more information about fostering in the North West, you can contact us  on 01706 558910.